U-he - Diva
U-he - Diva

U-he - Diva

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The spirit of analogue, beautifully captured in software.

  • Authentic, award-winning analogue sound
  • Mix-and-match panels for custom layouts
  • Per-voice oscillator detune and user-definable modulation source
  • Zero delay feedback (ZDF) filter design for authentic resonance behaviour
  • 3 ADS(S)R envelope models based on classic synth hardware with keyboard follow and velocity scaling
  • 5 oscillators models based on classic synth hardware
  • 5 filter models based on classic synth hardware
  • 2 host-syncable LFOs with multiple waveforms, restart options and phase controls
  • 2 stereo effects slots, each with chorus (3 modes), phaser (2 modes), plate reverb, delay, rotary speaker
  • Host-syncable arpeggiator with continuous rate offset, swing, various progression options
  • MIDI learn page and editable list
  • Resizable UI from 70% to 200%
  • Over 1200 factory presets
  • NEW in v1.4.5: Support for Oddsound MTS-ESP


    Mix and match filters, oscillators and envelopes to reach an era of sound that defines your style.

    Capturing the spirit of five decades of analogue synthesizers in a software plugin. The oscillators, filters, and envelopes from some of the greatest monophonic and polyphonic synths of the last 4 decades accurately modelled for unmatched analog sound.


      Diva System Requirements

      Mac OS X 10.9 or newer

      Windows 7 or newer


      Host software / DAW

      • 1GB RAM, more recommended
      • 50MB free disk space
      • 1000 × 600 or larger display
      • Modern CPU required:
      • Windows/Linux: Intel Nehalem or newer, AMD Bulldozer or newer
      • Mac: Intel Nehalem or newer, Apple M1
      • Linux: glibc version 2.28 or newer


      Diva is not a standalone product, it requires host software and is compatible with most DAWs.


      • AUv2, VST2, VST3, 64-bit only 


      • VST2, VST3, AAX* 32-/64-bit

      * AAX requires Pro Tools 10.3.7 or later