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GForce Oberheim SEM - Sound Bank '79

GForce Oberheim SEM - Sound Bank '79

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Sound bank for the Gforce Oberheim SEM

One of the most beloved, unique and musical sounding synthesizers has been perfectly
recreated by GForce and endorsed by Oberheim. A classic design with a wonderful sound that just works. This plug-in is a tool that is simple, yet can fit so well in a wide array of productions.

A bank 30 patches for instant inspiration and to help you get working quickly.  The goal was to highlight the raw analog tone and musicality of the SEM design, primarily working within the constraints of the original Oberheim module.

This is one of my favorite mono plug-ins, and a perfect way to get that sound without spending thousands of dollars.

Please Note **THESE PATCHES ONLY WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE GFORCE SEM PLUG-IN. There can be no refunds or exchanges for incorrect purchases.**

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