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Producer MX

Loop School Vol. 1 - Funk Drums

Loop School Vol. 1 - Funk Drums

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Producer and multi instrumentalist 'Producer MX' has worked with multiple Grammy Award winning artist's including Lionel Richie, Rhianna, Ricky Martin, Chris Brown, and many other pop stars.

Alongside that he has spent over 25 years teaching drums. He now creates this pack of 100 drum samples which includes 70 drum loops, 10 drum fills and 20 one shots. 

All drum loops have a funky feel but could also be used for pop and or dropped into your favourite sampler or groove box for some excellent basis of Lo-Fi, HipHop, Downtempo and even Chillwave.

Each sample captures the essence of live drumming, delivering the authentic feel and dynamic range that only a 25 + year professional drummer can provide.

Whether you're creating hip-hop, rock, electronic, or any other genre, these samples will infuse your tracks with the groove and precision that sets your music apart.

Unlock the secret behind Grammy-winning rhythm – add our drum pack to your toolkit today - all samples recorded in 44khz 24bit to drop straight into whichever DAW or sampler you may be using whether it be Cubase, Logic, FLstudio to MPC's or SP404s
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