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Novation - V-Station

Novation - V-Station

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One of the first true 1:1 hardware synth clones in plugin format

The V-Station virtual analogue synthesizer recreates the power and rich sound of the K-Station synth as a plug-in for Macintosh or Windows.

At the core of the V-Station is Novation’s ‘Liquid Analogue’ synthesis engine, delivering rich, dense sounds that offer vast creative potential. The plug-in combines these with a clear and responsive front panel interface with all the key sound shaping controls you need.

V-Station Plugin features

  • 3 audio oscillators deliver a wide range of waveforms.

  • Noise generator authentically models analogue noise generator circuits.

  • Ring modulator for clangy, bell-like textures.

  • FM synthesis for the accurate creation of electric pianos and tuned percussion sounds.

  • 5-channel mixer for combining and balancing the oscillators, noise generator and ring modulator.

  • Resonant ‘Liquid Analogue’ lowpass filter with 12dB/Octave and 24dB/Octave settings.

  • 2 x ADSR envelope generators.

  • 2 x multi-wave, MIDI syncable LFOs.

  • Portamento with exponential and linear slopes.

  • Unison mode puts all eight voices (with detune) on one note for a huge sound.

  • Arpeggiator with variable patterns, range and gate time. MIDI syncable to host sequencer.

  • 6 x simultaneous multi-effects including delay (echo), reverb, chorus/flanging/phasing, EQ, distortion and panning.

  • Multiple instances in your sequencer host 1

  • Transfer sounds to/from a K-Station.

  • Easy to use ‘knobby’ panels that emulates a hardware synth.

  • 400 memory locations (200 factory presets / 200 user presets).

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