Omnisphere 2 - 12 Gods: Hera

Omnisphere 2 - 12 Gods: Hera

Vicious Antelope
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12 Gods: Hera
is the second Omnisphere soundbank of "12 Gods" series. It consists of 50 unique atmospheric sounds inspired by the queen of the Greek Gods. All patches are based on bowed string instruments, creating atmospheric cinematic tension and ancient soundcolors.

When I create soundbanks for any synth I love to see each one as a full music album and each patch of the soundbank as a different song of that album.

I believe this is what describes Hera soundbank best. A sound journey through the mythological stories related to Hera ( or Juno in the Roman pantheon) , her character, famous myths about her and her relationship with other Gods. 

Presets were designed with Omnisphere 2.8 or and run best with this or newer version
• Software 2.8.3d
• Soundsources v2.6.1c
• Patches v2.8.1c