Omnisphere 2 - 12 Gods: Zeus

Omnisphere 2 - 12 Gods: Zeus

Vicious Antelope
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is the first soundbank of our new series for Omnisphere 2 under the name 12 Gods.

Zeus contains 50 patches inspired by the king of the 12 Greek Gods. Each sound was inspired by the ancient stories and myths for Zeus. Here you could find folklore sounds, epic synths, playable soundscapes and dark pads. The presets have a deep cinematic character.

From the the ancient battle against Titans to heights of Olympus and from his childhood ages to the time he became the Thunder Thrower this soundbank is a sound story of the father of the Gods.

Presets walkthough video

Presets were designed with Omnisphere 2.8 or and run best with this or newer version
• Software 2.8.3d
• Soundsources v2.6.1c
• Patches v2.8.1c