Elektron Analog RYTM Project and Sounds Backup and Upload

How to transfer, upload and backup projects, kits and sounds on your Elektron RYTM.

Lot's of confusion and mixed information out there in regards to both backing up your projects, kits and sounds but also later re-uploading your own or third party sound packs and associated RYTM kits and sounds.

We reached out to Elektron, got the low-down on how best to do this and put a few different methods to test.

What you'll need for RYTM transfers:

This methods supports bi-directional transfer of Analog RYTM samples, sounds and whole projects so is ideal for both whole project backups as well as introducing new sound and sample pack to your RYTM.

A video tells a 1000 pictures so here we go..

So hopefully that helps everyone out.

Any challenges, questions or comments drop them in the YT comments, here or drop us a line.