Alpha Spheres - A Synthwave Inspired Soundset | Alpha Juno | Redominator

A sign of the times in which a sound pack release for a hardware synth comes as a surprise - but what a pleasant surprise it is.

This sound set is specifically crafted for the Roland Alpha Juno 1, Juno 2 and the deriatives HS-10, HS-80 and MKS-50 synthesizers.

It's also compatible with the ReDominator Juno software synth plugin by Audio Realism. So no matter which Synth you own if you're looking for retro synthwave presets this is a pack to add to your library.

Built to inspire - This pack is all about retrowave sounds, with enough bass, pads, leads to keep you in synthwave production for literally days on end. And it sounds phenomenal too. 

So, are you looking for Synthwave presets? Retrowave presets? Just looking to upgrade your synthwave sound? Or perhaps looking to refresh your hardware sounds. Alpha Sphere's is the Synthwave sound pack to get.

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