Making a chillwave synthwave track in under 20 minutes

How to create Synthwave / Chillwave Style Lead Sound In Under 20 Minutes.

Add a retro beat and we're driving down 80s Miami in no time..

We delve into create some really slick sounds with U-he Repro to create a synthwave chillwave style sound in under 20 minutes. 

Using Glo-fi Samples and a few instances of U-he Repro we quickly see how we can turn a mundane static sounding melody into a synthwave sensation.

Looking at some of the techniques employed in a Chillwave and Synthwave type lead as well as the creation of the lead itself.

Will add a limited bass sound in keeping with the genre then a drum break, bit of a levels balance then finish. Covers Synthwave, Chillwave, Outrun Styles. 

Some technical aspects explained and why we choose certain filters and parameters to help achieve our sound.



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