The Digital Collection Vol. 6

The Digital Collection Vol. 6

Espen Kraft
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Oberheim Matrix-12 Sample Pack for Togu Audio Line (TAL) Sampler.

These patches are made from sounds created on the Oberheim Matrix-12 synthesizer from 1985.
Espens taken 54 of his best patches from the Matrix-12 and recorded 6 notes from each of these patches. These are then turned into TAL patches/programs.

Many of the patches are stereo patches with great care taken to layer inside the TAL sampler so that the end result is a lush, big and majestic sound capturing all the innate sonic quality and magic of the original Oberheim Matrix 12 synth.

All sounds in this pack are recorded from the physical outputs of the Matrix-12, through SSL Superanalogue preamps or Golden Age Premiere 1073 preamps to ensure they reach you in pristine audio quality.

Some minor external reverb and delay used on some of the sounds in the demo.

This is a high quality Oberheim sample pack paying particular attention to detail with 100% original material to ensure you're getting one of the highest quality Oberheim sounds available.

Requires TAL Sampler: Purchase TAL SAMPLER here.

TAL Sampler VST plugin

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