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Espen Kraft

Korg DW-8000 Vol.1

Korg DW-8000 Vol.1

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64 original patches for the Korg DW-8000/EX-8000 synthesizer.

If you're into retro synth based music like Synth-pop, 80's, Synthwave, Italo Disco, or even 80s filmscore and similar styles these patches should suit your style.

Musicians, producers and composers for games and movies will find great stuff here.

No Korg? No problem! These patches will also load into the Full Bucket Music FB-7999 Free vst plugin that emulates the Korg DW-6000/8000. 

DW-8000 Patch list: 

  • p11 Das Boot Strings
  • p12 Pleasure Pad
  • p13 Terminate Pad
  • p14 PSB Strings
  • p15 Juno Brass
  • p16 Arp Dark
  • p17 Axel F
  • p18 Jump the Hills
  • p21 Filthy Clean
  • p22 Acid
  • p23 SimpleB
  • p24 ResoELP
  • p25 PPG Guitar
  • p26 PPG Bass
  • p27 Reso Rise
  • p28 Juno Wannabe
  • p31 TwangMV
  • p32 Vamos AP
  • p33 GoldenB
  • p34 Sometimes Grainy
  • p35 PPG
  • p36 Plucky Bell
  • p37 Hollow Save
  • p38 Tubular glas
  • p41 GloomyAir
  • p42 Trippy Rain
  • p43 October Pad
  • p44 DD
  • p45 Staccato Arp
  • p46 Heart
  • p47 Final Countdown
  • p48 FM Piano
  • p51 8P soundtrack
  • p52 Muted Waves of Arp
  • p53 Harold
  • p54 Square
  • p55 Heavenly Guitar
  • p56 Alone
  • p57 DigiMan
  • p58 FBrass
  • P61 Blade Runner Pad
  • p62 Lead Delay
  • p63 Layer Bass
  • p64 Synth bells
  • p65 Walking Pad
  • p66 Tubular Legend
  • p67 Natural
  • p68 Tribe
  • p71 FM Bass
  • p72 Vince
  • p73 Arp Bass
  • p74 Clean Bee
  • p75 JH nights
  • p76 Reso affairs
  • p77 FM Bass 2
  • p78 X-files
  • p81 Save the 8P
  • p82 Juno Arp
  • p83 PPG Bass Strings
  • p84 Synth Brass 1
  • p85 Strangers synths
  • p86 DS guitar
  • p87 Z brass
  • p88 Z strings

Patch bank format: 

SYSEX bank patch and individual program patches for your convenience.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Runnels
Amazing value....

My Korg DW8000 had a bunch of awful user sounds. This patch of sounds for a very low cost are extremely creative, usable and a tremendous reminder of what the DW8000 was capable of. It's still sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks for the reminder and for all your hard work.