Mutable instruments Ambika poypack

Ambika - PolyPack

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100 presets for Mutable Instruments Ambika

A sound pack for this 6 voice hybrid analog poly synth from Mutable Instruments.

A pack full of Pads, Keys, Drones, Leads, Bass and more. Built on an Ambika with 6xSVF build with the latest YAM firmware installed, All the patches use the standard Low Pass Filter (LPF) so will be compatible with the majority of Ambika's out there with the latest YAM firmware to make use of the extra oscillators.

Programmed sounds in full 6 Voice poly mode and includes the MULTI file needed to configure your own Ambika to the same settings.

Some sounds make use of the step sequencer for modulation and Install instructions are included in your pack!

Want better sounds for your Ambika Synth? Grab this sound pack and instantly upgrade your sound.