Elektron Analog RYTM sound pack and project file with 16 additional kits

Analog RYTM - Fractious

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A genre blending Analog RYTM sound pack including patterns, kits and new sounds.

Using a unique combination of samples and RYTM machines this sound pack was crafted with the aim of blending traditional styles and sounds with the unfamiliar and unorthodox sounds of electronic styles.

For that unique style we lifted brand new sounds from a range of modular noise and sound sources and blended them with some of the RYTMS inbuilt machines and utilised the RYTMs built in control, flexibility and sound mangling ability to provide a wide range of new and unique textures, tones, hits, noises, pulses and beats. 

Sound Pack Contents:

  • 118 Brand New Individual Analog RYTM Sounds, each saved and categorised by type.
  • 16 Complete RYTM Kits
  • 16 RYTM Patterns
  • All built within 1 Full Project

You'll find a handful of classic tones mixed in amongst a large array of non traditional sounds. Expect to find dark creamy textures, tastefully saturated tones, musically inspired noise hits. This allows you to break free from a snare as a snare and instead you'll find in this pack a snare can easily be a kick and a cymbal can now be a texture. 

This is achieved from the design of this RYTM sound pack striving to avoid emulating classic drum machine sounds instead venturing into rule-breaking territory and bringing the spirit of modular to your RYTM.

Genre blends have been inspired from sounds of Industrial, Reggae, Dub Step, Dub Techno and Glitch. 

Use the Elektron TRANSFER app to quickly, easily install these RYTM kits, patterns, projects in just a few clicks.

Get the Elektron Transfer App here:


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