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98 Presets for bx_oberhausen

A cutting edge preset pack for bx_oberhausen a virtual synth modelled after the Tom Oberheims SEM.

This preset pack upgrades your bx_oberhausen to a synthwave powerhouse. Delivering hugely crisp synth leads and stereo driven outrun bass sounds and midnight Miami inspired pad sounds.


A mega-pack of synthwave sounds to level up and inspire your Synthwave, Retro and Outrun productions.


The emulation of the SEM Curtis filters deliver crispy highs and bright tones which are excellent for cutting through and getting heard in your music production projects.

What's included?
98 bx_oberhausen presets comprising:
  • 28 Bass
  • 48 Leads
  • 17 Pads
  • 1 Brass
  • 1 Key

Making use of the twin VCO's, FM modulation, and unique ADS envelopes allows highly authentic sounding tones.

Each preset has MOD-Wheel functionality built right into it to rapidly change the character of the sound.

Unique use of the multi-mode blending filter and Mid/Side filter channels gives you a high quality blend of sounds to use in your tracks.

Why wait? Your production time is precious so grab the pack and level up your sound today.

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