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Eight Voice - Combinatorics

Eight Voice - Combinatorics

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Looking for fresh sounds for your Eight Voice synth by Cherry Audio?

Over 60 Presets for Cherry Audio's Eight Voice Synthesizer enumerate the possibilities of the Oberheim Eight Voice, inspired by the dualism of mathematics and humanism, logic and love, proof and color, axioms and hopes. 

Because this synthesizer encourages independent control of individual voices in a polyphonic context, the sounds can be imbued with multiplicity, cycling through contrasting combinations, and evolving chaotic behaviors within variable performances.

The results evoke splicing from multiple instruments or layers of multiple tracks, but also the subtle swaying of an analog-like swagger and life-like dynamism. 

These presets traverse a great breadth of this synth's solution space to explore combinations of ambient, aggressive, pensive, experimental, kinetic, and expressive voices that it can produce.

From acrimonious basses to quiet plucks, from cubist leads to pillowy pads, from frenetic sizzles to dripping twinkles, from shifting pulses to acute patterns, expect to hear sounds that inspect the infinitesimal and reach past the asymptotic, breathing with life and fused into a compelling new bank for the Eight Voice.

*Excluding drums, the demo is made solely from these unmixed Eight Voice presets.

How to install Eight Voice Presets 

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