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DiscoDSP Corona - Evolved

DiscoDSP Corona - Evolved

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Evolve: 51 Presets for DiscoDSP Corona

In 2014, Solidtrax launched their first commercial sound expander for DiscoDSP Corona. After a couple of years, it was set free to the masses. Fast forward nine years and numerous updates, and it's time to revisit this excellent synthesizer.

Introducing Evolve: Evolve is a new sound expander focusing on sounds suitable for a wide variety of genres, including:

  • 80s Pop
  • Synth Wave
  • Retro Wave
  • Trance
  • Techno

What's New with Corona:

  • Improved Sound Quality: Enhanced audio fidelity.
  • More Distortion Models: Expanded variety of distortion effects.
  • Extra Filters: Additional filtering options for richer sounds.
  • New Analog Envelope Curves: Improved envelope shaping.
  • GUI Zoom: Ability to apply zoom for better interface visibility.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Control: All sounds use velocity, mod wheel, and make heavy use of the modulation matrix.
  • Optimized for Corona Version R5.1: Ensuring full compatibility and performance.

Corona remains an extremely versatile and capable synthesizer, perfect for creating unique and convincing sounds. It's time to evolve!

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Customer Reviews

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Amadeus Paulussen
Incredible sounds

Sounds absolutely incredible! I think you're doing an amazing job at "illustrating" what this synth is capable of.