64 Roland Juno 106 patches aimed at retro and 80s. An authentic sounding preset pack of bass, pads, keys, pads and leads.

Juno 106 - Espens Juno 106 Vol. 1

Espen Kraft
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64 new original patches / presets for the Roland Juno-106.

A stunningly authentic bank of retro patches ready to kick off your Synthpop, Synthwave, Pop and Electronica productions.

This 80's inspired sound pack includes Pads, Bass, Strings, Bells, Keys, Sweeps alongside other highly usable sounds ready to drop into your tracks or be your next live session sound.

Due to The original Juno-106 limitations it cannot dump or load in sysex banks, so Espens included every patch as its own sysex file to enable loading into your Juno 106.

Also included is a TAPE-save so you can load in the complete bank through the TAPE input if you want to.

For easiest loading we recommended to use the J106 Librarian software editor and load in my J106 bank straight into that and from there into your hardware Juno-106. See Espens demo video for more info.

You can also use your favorite sysex transfer program, like SENDSX or MIDIOX, to transfer the patches.

Looking for sounds for your next 80s hit? These Juno-106 sounds instantly nail that sound.