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Serum - Explorations Vol. 1

Serum - Explorations Vol. 1

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Serum Preset Pack with 64 Premium Ambient and Sci-fi Sounds.

  • 16 Synth
  • 12 FX
  • 11 Bass
  • 11 Pads
  • 8 Plucks
  • 6 Sequences

Take a journey into sound and experience tones like no other. Experience sounds of alien scanners, off-world sounds, musical yet otherworldly timbres. A big emphasis on sounds unlikely to be obtained or found anywhere else in the known universe.

Give your productions the distinctive edge over other productions. 

Inharmonic chords, ambient pads, weird FX, metallic noises, noise generated weird science. 

Modwheel Moments

Extensive modulation and mod-wheel utilisation enables quick and radical sound alteration

Envelope Generation

Custom envelopes on a variety of parameters for un-orthadox sounds

Macro Equipped

Quickly change the nature of the sound with fully assigned macros

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