32 synthwave and outrun presets in this Roland JX-8p Sound pack

JX-8P - Analogica

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Turn your Roland JX-8P into the heart of your Synthwave and Outrun productions.

Analogica - an inspiring soundset for your vintage Roland JX-8P Synthesizer - Take the headache out of trying to program your own sounds.

Frustrated by the small screen and lack of hands on control? LFO.Store have done the hard bit and created 32 intense sounding presets for your JX-8P.

We've extracted the best of the best out of this vintage classic. Analogue sounds which rival the best analogue synths. 

Roland JX-8P Specs:

Polyphony - 6 voices
Oscillators - 2 DCO's per voice (12 oscillators)
Memory - 64 patches + External memory cartridges
Effects - Portamento
VCF - standard VCF
VCA - ADSR envelope
Arpeg/Seq - None
Keyboard - 61 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
Control - MIDI In/Out/thru