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Logic Pro X - Driving Trance Starter Template

Logic Pro X - Driving Trance Starter Template


Logic Pro X Template

Having a professionally built Logic Pro X template is a great way to instantly get started with song ideas and help avoid often the most difficult part of production - Getting an idea and get it out of that 2 bar loop stage.

This template provides a rich musical environment to help kick off your next productions having the foundations of the hardest part of the production professionally produced for you ready to go.

This template is geared specifically towards harder trance, driving trance and psy-trance genres and can be quickly modified to suit other trance styles.

All included samples are from our own in-house studio and are yours to use in this and other projects with out any additional licensing or royalty headaches.

  • Genre: Driving Trance

  • Type: Starter Template

  • Track Count: 46

  • BPM: 14

  • Size: 142mb

  • All samples included - royalty free.

Required plugins for optimal usage:

  • Lennar Digital Sylenth1

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