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Martinic AX73 - Forgotten Circuits

Martinic AX73 - Forgotten Circuits

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Forgotten Circuits: 85 Presets for Martinic AX73

Introducing Forgotten Circuits: Our first collection for the Martinic AX73 synthesizer, Forgotten Circuits, features 85 presets across 14 categories. Inspired by genres like EDM, IDM, pop, synthwave, and techno, this set offers fresh, new sounds for the excellent AX73.

Synthesizer Background: The Martinic AX73 is based on the AKAI AX73 from the mid-80s, a time when analog VCO-based synths were overshadowed by DCO-based subtractive, FM, LA-synthesis, and PCM-based synthesizers. AKAI created a synthesizer with an excellent sound but a cumbersome interface, featuring a num-pad and one data fader instead of knobs for each function. Martinic revived this classic, enhancing it significantly.

Enhanced Features:

  • Polyphony: Increased from 6 to 24 voices.
  • LFOs: Boosted from one to four.
  • Envelopes: Four envelopes for detailed sound shaping.
  • Oscillator: Includes the sub-oscillator of the AX80.
  • Chorus: Four types from AX60 and AX73.
  • Effects: Powerful effects section.
  • Layering, Stacking, Splits: For versatile sound creation.

What's Included:

  • Electronic Drums and Effects
  • Freaky Stab Sounds
  • Evolving Pads
  • Mesmerizing Ambient Textures
  • Fat Basses
  • Retro Poly Synth Sounds

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Control: Most sounds respond to velocity and are equipped with mod wheel behavior, utilizing the enhancements of AX73.
  • Broad Range of Genres: Suitable for EDM, IDM, pop, synthwave, and techno.

Special Offer: We’ve teamed up with Martinic to offer you a 10% discount on another AX73 collection or the AX73 itself. Find the code in the manual of the Forgotten Circuits collection.

Let’s get creative!

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