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Tom Wolfe Presets

Omnisphere - Fractal Pt. 3 (Binaural Edition)

Omnisphere - Fractal Pt. 3 (Binaural Edition)

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Fractal Pt. 3 continues the best-selling Fractal soundbank series for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 with 50 brand new presets. Sculpted from a set of original soundsources created using a range of analog gear, Fractal Pt. 3 is full of dark, industrial textures designed to create tense, uncomfortable underscore. From aggressive basses to rusty soundscapes, and shredding leads to intense sequences, Fractal Pt. 3 is a soundbank that’s as unique as it is unsettling. Whether you’re a media composer or producer looking to add some industrial grit to your tracks, Fractal Pt. 3 is a toolkit of edgy, dirty sounds just waiting to inspire you.


Fractal Pt. 3 (Binaural Edition) includes an additional 50 binaural soundsources and binaural versions of all 50 presets, along with the 50 presets and 69 soundsources included with Fractal Pt. 3 (Standard Edition).

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