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Serum - Hey! Pads

Serum - Hey! Pads

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Soundset with 240 Serum Pad Presets

Gathering together a large group of fourteen top-tier seasoned sound designers, Hey! That’s What We Call Pads, vol. 1contains 240 presets and is the first soundset in a series that explores a singular category of sound. In this volume, pads are in focus and the synth is Serum. 

Contained within is an expert blend of aesthetics imprinted with each sound designer’s unique sonic signature. Every preset is an expression of their own personal sensibilities and each designer’s unique take on pads is different from the other.

The impressive list of sound designers include: Arksun, The Unfinished, Venus Theory, Bigtone, S1gns of L1fe, Erot, Electric Himalaya, Airwave, Oblivion Sound Lab, Michael Oakley, Lauge, Sonic Underworld, Echo Season and Luftrum, featuring sound sculptors who have worked with leading synth companies such as Korg, Steinberg, Arturia and Waldorf and collaborating with the biggest names in the industry from Hans Zimmer to Armin van Buuren.

Hey! Pads
 stands among one of the largest ever ‘pads only’ collaborations on a single soundset, and with 240 pads for Serum, there is a veritable cornucopia of pads to choose from. Within you will find warm vintage 80s pads to crystallized frequencies pulled from the remnants of galaxies. Brooding cinematic pads will captivate your audience, and lush ear-tingling atmospheric pads will propel your listeners into orbit.

In addition, the soundset comes with 150 custom handcrafted wavetables created by Luftrum. These wavetables are all based on pads and augment Serum’s factory content with new timbres that come to life when slowly modulated over two or more bars. The wavetable pads are included with the set but can also be ordered separately (see below).

The set also comes with a new free Raven Black skin (see below), in dark grey colors and with black keys, designed by Luftrum. The skin alone is 100% free and can be downloaded below, but is also included with the purchase.

Every preset focuses heavily on playability and expressiveness and has assignments for Modwheel, Velocity, and Aftertouch (when appropriate) and has a few dB of headroom reserved for easy mixing. In addition, all 4 Macro knobs are utilized, which tease out new timbres, introduce subtle rhythmic elements, or completely warp and transform patches into something else entirely.

The soundset is 587MB and requires Serum v1.345 or later. There’s a PDF guide included, download it right here. If you don’t have Serum, but want to give it a try, you can rent it via Splice for $10 per month.

What's included?

  • 240 presets for Serum + 150 Wavetables + Raven Black skin

Raven Black Serum Skin

Thpads for serumRaven Black is a free Serum skin, in dark grey colors and with black keys, designed by Luftrum and released together with the soundset.

The skin is 100% free and is included with the soundset purchase above, but it can also be downloaded directly as a zip file below (5MB).

No registration or purchase is required to download and use the skin alone. Just go ahead, click the link, we won’t even ask you to join our newsletter (but we won’t mind if you do so, it can be done here).

PDF is included, or you can grab the Hey! Pads PDF guide click here – skin installation is described on page 3.

150 Serum Wavetables

50 custom handcrafted wavetables based on pads, created by Luftrum and released together with the soundset.

The wavetables are included with the soundset purchase, but they can also be ordered separately here: 150 Luftrum Wavetables.

The wavetables form the perfect basis for synth pads, string pads, analog and digital pads, and loads in any wavetable synth such as Vital, Serum, Pigments and Phase Plant and hardware synths such as Korg Modwave, Waldorf Quantum and Iridium, Novation Peak and Summit etc.

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