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TAL Software

TAL - Drum

TAL - Drum

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TAL-Drum is an easy-to-use sampler for drums, short samples, and loops inspired by the 80's drum samplers with a modern workflow.

Sporting several key features that make it an ideal solution for many producer requirements.

Relevent Features Galore

Reach for relevancy with TAL Drum. Hosting features that really work with musicians and producers:
Providing a unified experience in terms of user interface and experience, the pads are simple to work with and each can be routed to its own stereo out. On top of this, each individual cell has an LFO, AHDSR for amplitude, and AHDSRs for modulation purposes.

TAL Drum Sampler VST

Fast workflow

Drag & Drop samples, pads, and mappings for a superfast workflow. Drag a pad while holding CTRL creates a copy of the pad. Select multiple pads or pad-mappings with CTRL click and change them together.

16 or 32 pads

The user interface offers a 16 and 32 pad view for an optimal workflow. Pads can be named and colored with your own name and color.

4 mappings per pad

Every pad can have up to four mappings. It's also possible to set velocity ranges for the mappings or just layer them.

Voice groups

There are 32 voice groups available. Every voice group can have up to 16 voices.

16 stereo outputs

You can have up to 16 stereo outputs. The plug-in only contains a few effects. The idea is that you mix and add your favorite effects and eq's in your DAW.

Round Robin

Cycle and random round-robin modes are available. You can configure them for two or more pads when they have the same MIDI note assigned or in the pad's mappings.

Lo-Fi effects

There are built-in Lo-Fi effects that let you change the way the plug-in resamples. They affect the internal sample rate and bit depth.

Slice samples

Slice samples and apply the slices to pads with a few mouse clicks. Auto-slice and also slicing in equal slices with a given sample Bpm value is possible.

Mod Matrix

One LFO, two AHDSR envelopes, a spline-based envelope, and other sources can be used to modulate pitch, pan, filter cutoff, and other parameters.

Time Stretch

Different time-stretch algorithms are available for the best results suitable to stretch drum loops and other samples. A vintage Ak4I cycle time stretcher is also included.

Record samples

Direct Record samples from main or sidechain stereo input channels and truncate and normalize directly in the plug-in.

TAL Drum Features List.

  • Superfast workflow with sample, pad, and mapping drag and drop.
  • 32 pads with 4 layers.
  • Up to 16 stereo outputs.
  • One LFO, spline envelope, amp AHDSR and two modulation AHDSR for every mapping.
  • Different time stretch modes (high quality Crisp or Smooth, Vintage AK4I Cycle mode)
  • Realtime LO-FI effects.
  • Slice editor.
  • Record audio and create samples directly in the plugin.
  • More than 20 Factory kits and more than 600 samples by Goldbaby, emptyvessel, Solidtrax and Saif Sameer.
  • Most common audio formats supported (wav, aif, flac, ogg, mp3..).
  • Super lightweight. The installer only copies the plugin to the plug-in location.

  • Requirements:
    Windows: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit host)

    OS X: 10.9 or higher (64 bit host). Universal Binary 2 with native Apple M1 support.

    AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher (64 bit).

    LINUX: 64 bit / Ubuntu 18 or similar.

    Try the TAL Drum Demo

    Download TAL Bassline Demo

    *Demo restrictions:

    The plug-in produces a rising white noise sound every minute.

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