Diva presets inspired by some of the greatest music for U-he diva Software synthesizer. Excellent Pack of bass, pads, funky leads and more

Diva - Greatest Hits

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U-he Diva Greatest Hits brings you 128 presets for DIVA synthesizer.

This Diva soundset is aimed at recreating classic sounds from the Disco, House, Funk, Synthwave, Trance, Hip-Hop and Drum ’n' Bass genres.

It contains a broad palette of sounds including cone shaking sub basses, classic pluck sounds, wide unison trance pads, dirty funky basses, screaming unison leads, detuned retro synth sounds, electric basses, 80s brass stabs, super saw sounds, and more.

A wide ranging preset pack offering the quintessential sounds of each genre bringing you a pack of hugely versatile sounds. An essential bread and butter pack and an ideal first Diva preset pack.

What's included?

26 ARPs

32 Bass

5 Leads

15 Pads

3 Rhythmic Sounds

33 Synths

14 Unison

Diva Preset installation instructions PDF included.

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