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Largo - Time & Space Vol. 1

Largo - Time & Space Vol. 1

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Time & Space Vol.1 Sound set featuring 128 presets for Waldorf Largo.

A set providing amazing ambient sound scapes, crystalline bells, razor sharp sounds cascading filter pads, deep space drones, resonant synth sounds, glittering pads, weird glitchy sounds, unique wavetable sounds, vocal pads, trippy effects and a whole lot more.

Giving you everything from Warm pads to Ice shard sounds so sharp you could cut a finger on. Breathing new life and soul into a classic soft synth this pad will take largo in new sonic directions truly crossing the boundaries of Time and Space.

Think you know Waldorf Largo? Think again. 

What's included?

  • 2 ARPS
  • 13 FX
  • 71 Pads
  • 43 Pads

And more!

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